Lima November Decals

Lima November Decals is owned and managed by Ruben Husberg, a keen, long time airliner modeller from Norway, that now lives in Denmark, where the products will be shipped from.

The objective of Lima November Decals is to provide you, the modeller, with high quality silk/screen printed decals for Norwegian airliners, Scandinavian airliners, other civilian aircraft and Danish military aircraft.  Decals for model enthusiasts from all around the world. Trusted supplier of decals for more than 15 years!

Payment is via PayPal, but if you prefer to pay via bank transfer, please contact me via email. The Danish Post is again raising their fee’s from the 1st of Jan.2024, so postage costs is 5,00 Euro pr order, no mather how many decals you order. Danish customers are also welcome to send me an email and pay via mobilpay.

Thank you for visiting my website and welcome back.

Happy Modelling!

Kind regards
Ruben Husberg

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